[₮] A gnu coin called Tera (one of the free currency managed by Duniter)

Yes, just a calculation, independant of the UD production. Every free money could define this unit easily. Better than that : only some of the people who share a free money can adopt this unit, while the other ones can adopt it, or not, the money stay the same.

That’s it. Whatever the unit you decide to define as a % of M/N, hourly, daily, monthly, every 17 days if you want, the amount of this unit increase the whole money mass at the same rate. The proportion of the money as a unit is independant of the money increase rate.

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YES ! :smiley:

this sounds like a marriage

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Who wants to be a witness?
Indeed, we will have to start the blockchain with some well identified individuals (and confidence)
Because there are still some parameters to define like number of certifications required for admission as a member: 4
(Even a proposal to be discussed)
I also want to give my idea of the logo that I had in mind (to be negotiated also): “replace the dune Duniter by the Himalayas”, the roof of the world and roll … “just married”