[Ask for certification] - Adistu


I’m new to Ucoin, my username is “adistu” and I would like please to get certified on metaB.

I already have some interest in free money, even though I estimate hundreds of years until implementing it globally (but it’s worth a try) and I helped another user from here, Magali, to translate from french to english this video about free money
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpJHJHeUjt4 (english version is not up yet, but will be soon-ish). I also am interested in translating the game geconomicus, also based on universal divident.

It’s cool that all this started in France, but we should really be on a trajectory to reach people from all over the world.

Anyway, I am a real person - I did some films in the past (adistu.tumblr.com), some public lectures about creative commons and copyleft, some video performances (vj-pink-alien.tumblr.com) and managed a film and art festival (tripoteca.com).

Please certify me and keep on doing what you are doing!

Welcome adistu !
I can’t certify you now, because I am no longer a member for the moment. :confused:

Welcome out there Aditsu :smile:

We are in the trajectory you mention, I plan to deploy a new version of ucoin.io website in the coming weeks so we can internationalize it (in any language, given contributors do translate pages/articles).

I’ve certified you, one more and you are in!

@urodelus : I’ve certified you again, don’t forget to renew your membership!

4 actives certifications, a daily “Send membership demand” and always a non-member…
A bug somewhere ?

More probably a distance issue.

I will check as soon as I can.

Ok I understand. Take your time, it’s summer :wink: !

Ok, it is a bug :grin:

I will fix it tomorrow, just a deployment issue.


I can’t send more than 99 Métab… Bug?

Fixed. You are a member back again. :slight_smile:

edit: @Thatoo this was a ucoin bug, not related to transactions directly. Anyway, you transaction is now processed.

edit2: @adistu welcome as a member of MetaB :wink:

@cgeek All is updated ! I’m a new old member :grinning:

Thanks a lot !

I wanted to certificate my friend but i’m no longer member because of this missing library i got and impede me to run cutecoin… :confused:

You just need to click on « Renew membership » on below screen since you already have enough certifications, wait ~30 minutes, and check back again if you are a member :

I don’t have the same translation, here it’s “envoyer une demande de membres”, which i did :slight_smile: