[Ask for certification] vit


My pseudo is “vit”.
My Key is RdrHvL179Rw62UuyBrqy2M1crx7RPajaViBatS59EGS

I contribute to the project by:

  • Managing the RTM in digital formats
  • Managing Ğeconomicus web site and cards
  • Contributing on Sakia python code
  • Making conferences about RTM/Duniter

My G+ account : https://plus.google.com/u/0/102038956391654262238/posts/p/pub
My web site : http://vit.free.fr
On this forum I am @vtexier.

Be seeing you on the WoT.

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Certifié !! Bienvenu.

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Hello TestNet !

I need certifications and a little love like any free humans in a free money… :wink:

Certifié !

Envoyé et certifié!

Gimme some love, peace and certifications please :slight_smile: