[Ask for Certifications, again] gerard94


I’m gerard94 (Gérard Meunier in real life) and I’ve joined the MetaB network. I need certifications to go further.
I’m a retired physics teacher, and an enthusiast programmer.
My web site is here.
My programming system (BlackBox) and its associated language (Component Pascal) are not very common. There is a small community around it, and a web page which gathers its works. My collaboration is summarized here.

I signed you @gerard94 !

To do it in cutecoin 7.4, people must open menu “certification”, select “meta_brousouf”, select “public key” and copy paste the public key of gerard94 :


@gerard94, you can watch your certifications here :


I’ve signed you, too. :wink:

i´ve certified/signed/trusted Enqzh5… too

I’ve certified the pubkey thx to vtexier :slight_smile: @gerard94 you could also join the developper XMPP chatroom to obtain more reactivity : ucoin@muc.jappix.com

My advice is to use PSI+ (better than PSI alone), that is by default in the Ubuntu 14.04 software center (you can also obtain thru official site)

@gerard94 is now officialy a member :slight_smile: welcome!

Thanks for trusting me.