[Ask for Certifications] sbdev


Merci à tous :slight_smile:


I add my data server :

IPv4 :
port : 8999


I 'm trying to follow the blocks writting ;o


So we have a problem, your node has a fork window of zero, which mean it doesn’t allow any collision of blocks:

To fix this, just do the following:

$ ucoind config --forksize 100

and restart your node.

Secondly, your node pubkey is not CnRzL, that is mine, yours is 6jtZDwCd (can be seen here

Looking forward to see your node on the network :slight_smile:

edit: forkWindowSize: 0 is a bug:




finally I 'm back ;o
I need new certifications
my membership will expire in 5 days.



ah j’ai raté mon renouvellement d’adhésion ;o

Je souhaiterais recevoir 3 certifications,
merci à vous :wink:


I had one certification expired, it seems ok now
Thanks :wink:


Certified! I would appreciate a certification in return! I’m Idyllei on uCoin WoT.


my sakia says you are not a member --> cant certify


You have to use the “Renew” button in the top-right corner of Sakia to be a member again, you have enough certs I guess :slight_smile:


lol yea, seems so klicked now renew.
what does the red trustlines mean? does a red trustline minder my membership, or how can i see from which members cerfitications are missing?


They mean that there validity time has been consumed as 66%.


je n’ai plus les 3 certifications
Pouvez vous me recertifier ?


Recertifié !