Avoid ghost users creation

Hi there,
I’ve not using my duniter account for a while and has my memory is not so good I’ve forgotten my password. So I’ve tried several combination on Cesium but each time I’m doing wrong it creates a new account.
Something should prevent from that because there’ll have a lot of ghost account.


When you loose your money in the street, most often you won’t be able to retrieve it. It is your responsability to save your account, and the system is not done to make things that depend of you.

But you will be able to pay in the libre money a service, that will keep your ID/Passwords for your, allowing you to retrieve it when you loose it. But this is a service within the economy, based on the money. So the money is first, developing services on it is second.

Also, Sakia/Cesium clients may introduce account saving on a file some day, which will make you able to retrieve your full account by loading it from your file system.

the issue is not that I lost my credentials (i finally found it again) this issue is that while i was trying to login i’ve created 5 accounts without any warning.

May be Cesium shouldn’t create a new account when someone failed to type the credentials of an existing one.

So may be you should open an issue in github to improve this behavior.

What do you call “creating an account”? Wallet accounts pre-exist to your key generation, which makes you point to an existing one. But technically you don’t create it, you select it.

ok so it opens a wallet but it doesn’t create the member until this account receives certification ?


:slight_smile: now i’ve understood thanks