Certification moul

id: moul
pubkey: Dhd4jiCkPBzZf29b9812xSn1fMupZUYgdUcYfGMSeChd

Let’s test further Duniter development!

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So, I forget my password to send my willingness document to join the currency.

I finally found the password for this pubkey.

So, I am asking you again certifications.

That way I will be able to perform tests for Silkaj on a testing environment.

Thanks, gracías, Danke, merci, dankonas.

Le compte en question ne semble pas avoir de demande d’adhésion…

The account was already registered on Sakia.
How could I publish the identity from within Sakia without adding again the account?
It seems Sakia does not allow this. Am I right?

I’m not sure what went wrong there.
I’m just connecting on http://g1-test.duniter.org/cesium and looking for that account:

Maybe g1-test didn’t get the registration on the pool you submitted it to?

When I look for moul on https://g1-test.duniter.org/, I get the pubkey:


Is it the correct one?

Ah, nope.
In fact, I encounter an issue with Sakia:
I removed the old account.
Added the new one again and I discovered moul id was associated with this awesome pubkey.
I do not know how did I created this pubkey.
May be due to the Qwerty bug.
I will have to wait twelve days to be able to reuse the id moul.
To be continued!

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Okay, we got our answer. :slight_smile:

Ah, so I lost my certification! I’ll be back in twelve days.