CristalS demonatarization and valorization

Changing of referential is essential to apply efficiently new paradigmes.
We are developping through hyperlocalty concept a new system to account the value and not necessary through a monatarization.

Is this spam ? I’m not sure…

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Ask duthe who not necessaire agree but know about.
Thanks for asking…
In so much interaction beetwen actors, objets or events there are no money but always value.

How do you measure ValueA > ValueB or ValueA = ValueB or ValueA < ValueB ?


Value are mostly unvaluable, but the society may create social contract defining the value.
The value is not intrinsec, but a convention.
Such conventions are diffferent beetwen CristalS. (it needs I explain what CristalS are)

Ok, so you are not defining anything, there is no more to say, it’s ok for me. Thank you for talking.

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It takes Ă  systemic to consider. Not an unappropriated Ă©quation, simple and false.

So give us a link to explain…
But I suppose guess what it is not