Dash Cryptocoin form of Governance

What is dash?

Dash is one of the most popular coins – 6090155 views in bitcointalk (the second has just 2175514) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=159.0;sort=views;desc

Dash: Video Series - #6 - Decentralized Governance and Budget System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2bx0quM-h0






People ask questions, a masternode proposes the question, and all masternodes vote for it.
Their decision method is majority of masternodes. Have a look at how governance is practiced in Dash,
ex. "Dashcoin Masternode operators SHOULD be running or greater!"

I post this for the Ucoin community to get some ideas about governance!

Ucoin does not have governance, Dash has governance and taxation (budjet system), and governance is important.
Ucoin is not as anonymous as Dash is, and anonymity is important.
But Dashcoin is not a free coin. Ucoin is.
Also Dashcoin does not have a WoT, Ucoin has it. And WoT is very important. Because after all, money must be reported to humans beings, and humans should decide, not servers or computers.

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