Development Roadmap

This topic will act as a roadmap for incoming development, so anyone can refer to it and now where we go.

It will be regularly updated to match current development state, so feel free to check it regularly :wink:
Also note that, uCoin being a free project we can’t be full-time on it (we are not paid for this work). So this is an average planning.




This release will provide a new technical functionality: UPnP configuration. Concretely: you will be released from hard & very technical configuration to install your own node and participate to the network :relieved:

This will be a huge improvement, an important facility.


We hope to release this version during February 2015.



This release will provide multi-branching. This will also be both a security and technical improvement to avoid fork-attack, and allowing to still be synchronized with the network even if a “abandoned” block was received on top of our blockchain.


This one is not easy to estimate, but it would be good to have it in March 2015.



Well … nothing definitive here. We would like to have some GUI to configure ucoin, like:

  • an heavy client (desktop app)
  • a web interface

But first of all, we need an API to control the ucoin node. So, it has to be developed first! :grin:


We will see!

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Updated with v0.10.0 & v0.11.0 milestones.

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