Does uCoin have a UBI/Crypto coin Health Index?

If so what does it measure?
If not, I asked the same question here, but I’ll ask again:

If uCoin was self-aware and able to program itself and all you had to do was make an index to measure the health (what’s best for humanity) of the coin, what would it measure?

It does not have “Health Index”.

Great question. uCoin would not measure anything, since it is based on RMT (Relative Money Theory) in which is adopted the following principle:

A value (good, service) is always relative.

Here, relative means relative to each individual, both in space and time.

From this definition, I can tell you that we can’t define “what’s best for humanity” since we won’t absolutely agree on its definition. For some people “health” will be to have a house (but which kind?), for others to have clothers, for others to not have diseases (but what is a disease?), etc.

Hope this will help to your understanding!