Duniter instance on the Fediverse?


Just copying my message on Duniter Matrix group:

By the way, in the Spanish forum we are talking about to launch a Fediverse instance for G1 community:

¿Y si creamos una instancia de mastodon junista? - nº 25 por kapis - Proyectos e Ideas - Foro Moneda Libre Ğ1

I could do it, but not only for the Spanish community, but for the g1 community, for example using a duniter.org subdomain, like I did with https://weblate.duniter.org

I administer another Mastodon instance at the moment, but we should use Pleroma or Akkoma too, if we consider that they suit better our needs.

So, like in the Weblate instance, I can host the service and share backups with some of you (by the way, I’m waiting if anyone could get the backup credentials there! :slight_smile: ).

Mastodon instances are not light, so Duniter community should pay 20DU monthly, for the infrastructure.

It should be nice if some of the g1 members could do the moderation stuff (I prefer to work on sysadmin tasks, if possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

As we talk on the Spanish forum, I think it could be great to offer this service to the g1 community, because it helps the project visualization and the “community” feeling, but the difference with Matrix, Telegram and forum channels it will be a service for members, but without “topics” restriction so, like email, members can use it for talk about their particular interests, not only G1 topics. We should think about it… Is it OK? Is it worthy?

cc: @elmau , @lascapi , @kapis , @Sheveck


On the Fedivers:

Hi @kapis @Kapis Ğ1 :seedling::black_flag: , I don’t discard #Mastodon, simply is not the only option (and it seems it could be not the lighter). But, in fact, I’m open to discuss it and get pros/cons . @Marcel Costa , @spla :senyera: :fed: :python: and other #Fedivers experienced sysadmin could help with their experience to build a solid list of arguments. But I think #Mastodon or #Pleroma are solid projects and they could be chosen without worries.

For me the main point is the support of the #G1 community (I think we have it!) and take profit of the opportunity window to let a part of it 1) know about the #Fediverse and the alternative to the #corporationSocialNetworks

About the subdomain, I prefer a duniter.org subdomain to make it easier for international and multilingual community to sign up.

cc @HugoTrentesaux @arbocenc @calbasi

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So, @HugoTrentesaux , @lascapi , @kapis , could we get the monthly payment to launch this service?

20DU monthly for maintenance

@Tchois on valide ça sur le budget Ğ1 de Axiom Team ?

@arbocenc ok, just tell the subdomain. fediverse.duniter.org ? or the name of the software pleroma.duniter.org ?

Not sure if Pleroma was the final choice. Let me check pros/cons and other sysadmin thoughts.

But I think fediverse.duniter.org is not the best choice, because there are lots of fediversal services that could be added on the future: peertube, mobilizon, lemmy, etc. I think mastodon.duniter.org or pleroma.duniter.org could be nice.

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Hi, from the spanish IT crowdfunding we could collaborate partially since we don’t have that much… I like the idea of masto.duniter.org for a Mastodon Server… I prefer Mastodon since they are doing a lot of measures to avoid adiction of ego and reduce to maximum the hate-speech in the fediverse… not so sure if the other instances are doing that.

Also we already have a mastodon account at: Moneda Libre Ğ1 (@g1monedalibre@chaos.social) - chaos.social and we would probably will migrate to the new one once it is created.

Migration of existing accounts is an important point. There are more g1 accounts on Mastodon (like the Catalan community, girala.net, etc.). So we could go for a mastodon account.

About the subdomain, there are 2 choices:

Another vote for me would be social.duniter.org , it actually reveals to anyody what is it about… I like it for example in my personal account’s instance social.anartist.org

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Or toot.duniter.org, less explicit but funnier.

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So, we could vote (copy/paste):

Poll: about the subdomain choices:

you can even make a true poll

or make your post wiki so that people are able to edit it

Great! Thanks @HugoTrentesaux ! Discourse rules!

@kapis , @tuxmain , could you vote in the poll?

Oui le budget est fait pour ça (même si j’ai pas tout compris :grin:).
Qui s’occupe du virement? Je veux bien le faire, sauf si vous avez un moyen automatisé.
Sur quel compte?

Désolé pour le retard, des vacances sans internet (ou presque) font du bien :wink:


Non, mais tu peux utiliser l’outil de matograine :slight_smile:
Merci de gérer les G1, ça ouvre pas mal de portes !

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Hi, in my point of view an url should be explicit and not a kind of private joke (since toot are called post in the mastodon V4 ).

I vote for social.duniter.org.
And my second choice is mastodon.duniter.org.

And for the other hypothetical services like peertube I could vote for video.duniter.org for exemple.

Just my thought :slight_smile:

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