Duniter Press release

Duniter is developing tools to create open currencies. A free money is built on 4 basic freedoms:

  • An individual is free to choose his currency
  • An individual is free to use the resources
  • An individual is free to produce added value
  • An individual is free to exchange using this open currency
    The relative theory of money demonstrates that from these four basic freedoms, you can build a decentralized money. Each year, a universal dividend is co-produced by the participants.
    A free currency is opening new perspectives for a free economy.

There is no page on wikipedia to explain what is an universal dividend. We have to write one !

When I make a link to
from my facebook page, there is no image, for exemple here
@cgeek, can you add the logo image to be upload by other websites like facebook ?

I am trying to add the image right now.

For Wikipedia, good luck :slight_smile:

edit: OK I’ve updated the contributor image so now it displays Duniter logo (better than having me on each article). Facebook should be able to propose this image, but maybe you have to wait few hours to see the image in a facebook link.

It will much more easy to keep Wikipedia articles about RTM, libre currencies, Duniter one time a production currency will be launched :wink:

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For wikipédia it is much more to understand they’re policy first.

What guessed so far:

  • verifiability to understand (Wikipedia does not publish original research)
  • wikiversity (in French) Researh on econony - we can publish our research here on TRM and Free Money
  • example CUP : (French) Monnaie_cup

To be discussed.