Error message after starting

i have this error message after duniter starting. if reinstall duniter, nothings happen.
screen image

Moul: coiner, you should try with last version: 0.31.1.

Also, you can directly past images on the forum.

the same error, does not respond to the previous screen

If you can, please delete the folder under ~/.config/duniter and retry.

thnaks, fine.

duniter running, but after currency settings “Accept this block and start currency” button not active. (just click, and nothing)

Hmmm OK, that’s maybe linked to issue #609 and #619. On my local node, on which I am fixing those issues, I do not reproduce your problem and the money is starting very well.

So maybe you should wait the next version 0.31.2, which will be available in the coming days (I’ll probably release a beta today).

Meanwhile, if you want to make some tests, you can synchronize your node with our TestNet currency :slight_smile:

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