Greetings from tycoon whibbey

I Live in the usa, georgia to be exact. i have to use translate to deal in this stuff.
The idea is great. I personally believe that everything should be free for every entrant in
our society. This looks like a step in the right direction.
heaven heaven

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You can read the RTM in english. and also check the english version.

The softwares Duniter, Silkaj, Sakia, Cesium include all english version.

Because it is a free software project you can improve it and contribute to english translations and english communication about it.

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Welcome here! If you have any question after reading what Galuel has advised you, do not hesitate.

i have downloade duniter, sikia, and created a cesium profile. I read RTM yesterday. My question about being certified. being in georgia, usa how do i get certified?

Right now it might be quiet difficult but if you could come to France to the next Free Money Meeting that would ease the process. If you can’t come, I guess that if you keep being active here and there around Duniter, it will happen sooner also.
After members starts trusting you, they will need to verify your “membership to humanity” before certifying you.

Welcome here Tycoon !
It’s good to have an English speaker to exchange with, make us practice our English and also produce English conversation than could be more easily understood worldwide :slight_smile: