How do I go on starting my own currency?

I’ve come this far:

Where’s the “Start a new currency” option?

[update #1]

Another question I’d like to ask is whether or not I should start my currency on another port.
Would Ğune get in the way of my currency if I did choose the same port?

[update #2]

I’m getting somewhat confused on the parameters.
What do these mean:

  • Delay between 2 certifications of a same issuer
  • Maximum age of a non-written certification
  • Maximum age of a non-written identity
  • Maximum age of a non-written membership
  • Percentage of sentries to be reached to match WoT distance rule

And where do I decide the stepmax of the web of trust?

[update #3]

The stepmax answer I got now. It’s hardcoded in the conf.json file.

Hi @Folaht,

“Start a new currency” is a very difficult task that requires a very solid knowledge of computer science.
This is only done on the command line, via the gen-root option, you will find the documentation at the end of this page:


Alright, command line it is then.
Is the web administration of any use then when starting your own currency?

No, the web interface is just to be more “user-friendly” but everything can be done on the command line :slight_smile:

I still have the nagging question of how the web administration is supposed to work if I can only connect to existing currencies.
I just tried localhost:10901 after doing the wizard, not resulting into anything. But I guess I still have to read on on the docs.

The web interface is just a duniter module that integrates a web server listening on localhost:9220 allowing to control your duniter node graphically. but the web interface does not decide anything, it’s just an interface.