I'm causing many forks in the Blockchain

Fork.csv (1,3 KB)

I’m very good for testing. I’m causing a little disaster :slight_smile:

In this CSV you can see many forks caused by me. I think the problem is my very bad (but very cheap) Internet Service Provider. I can’t have incoming connections. This is my connection scheme: (Public IP) -> (Router WAN IP, it’s a private IP!) -> 192.168.1.x (LAN IP)

I have double NAT, my service provider have a private LAN and there is my LAN too, so I can’t open ports.

Is there any solution to that or is it better I don’t compute blocks? :sob: :blush:

I remember the classical « LowID » in eMule: permanent TCP connections to the server and other clients connect to me through the server. Can be implemented in this software a similar solution, some peers aiding others can’t have incoming connections?

Thank you.

How did you manage to see the forks? Also, what do you call a fork?

I mean: if you fork lonely, that’s not a big deal. I think you speak about that case.

With duniter 0.81.0 your computer regularly pulls the network for new blocks, to make your node aware of new blocks and compute a valid next block. But the longer your node is UP, the longer becomes the interval between 2 pulls.

So a possible solution right now for your would be to stop & restart your node every day. A more long term solution would be that we add an option “keep short pulling intervals”.

Anyway, looking at Remuniter I can see that you still compute blocks, so yes, that’s better you continue computing blocks. This introduces hardness for other members computation, and secure the whole currency. :slight_smile:

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I’ve obtained this info from the local database in the Odroid (ARM) device: $HOME/.config/duniter/duniter_default/duniter.db using this SQL query:

Select fork, number, issuer From block Where fork=1

But now, I’m looking at the PC and there aren’t forks, so it seems I’m forking lonely. Ohh, that’s not a big deal, I thought it was more serious.

There’s another problem, with my ISP I can’t receive incoming connections. I can’t offer blocks, but I can pull it and compute new blocks. My cooperation is not complete but is good.

Ok. Thank you.

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