Is the chat room up?

I can’t connect to the XMPP chat room on the server
Either, I can’t connect from Jappix mini on

Same for me.

Edit: it is working now.

The old ones said :

“You should not put all your books on one shelf ! You fool !”

Like the Github downtimes problem, Jappix is quite unstable this days…

The xmpp server was down tonight, and had several resets this week.
We should think about a workaround when the server is down.

Does someone know about xmpp well enough to investigate ?

I could host the chat room on my server.

Or on our DO server?

Does Jappix/XMPP protocol allowing multiservers?

I suggest to implement a failover. The main one on, and a failover on other servers.

I don’t know how XMPP works, but I was reading everywhere : “Connect from anywhere to any server with your account”. So I was thinking, oh it’s p2p, there is a automated redirect between servers. But no.

I’ve tried movim during the downtime, and it was a failure.

It seems that if your account is created on the server X and the server is down, you’re down ! Every other server you connect to will try to connect to the server X which is included in your account name.

Am I right ?

Yes but we can configure failover using Hazelcast for example.

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@ 900 IN A                         # this one already exist
_xmpp-client._tcp 14400 IN SRV 0 5 5222 # for XMPP clients connection
_xmpp-server._tcp 14400 IN SRV 0 5 5269 # for XMPP servers connection
muc 1800 IN CNAME @                               # For muc: multi user chanels
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I’ve added the DNS entries, it will work probably in few hours.

Do you have an admin access to lorentz? (the DO server)

You could make the installation, if you agree to.

I have ssh access to lorentz.
I update it.
I installed and configure Metronome thanks to this tutorial.

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I am not sure it works: when I log in chatroom, I only see @kimamila. Is it a different chatroom than

Yep, it is.