Is this possible to know the value of duniter basic income per month?

is this possible to know the value of basic income per month according to the algorithms?

The amount of monetary mass is coherent with the Relative Theory of Money : Monetary mass growth is 10% a year

If we issue a Universal Dividend per month to get 10% monetary mass growth a year :

(1+10%)^(1/12) = 1.0079 -> 0.79% growth per month.

So the amount of issued basic income per months is 0.79% growth of the monetary mass shared to all the members of the money.

Thanks for the reply.Would be possible to make a calculation in euros for every month for every member (using assumptions)?

Yes, this is done by @Galuel on his website :

By counting the receivables and bonds of the treasury in the double monetary mass , we can calculate the corresponding relativistic data of a free currency of the same parameters:

C sym = 8 / ev = 10% / year
M / N = 2 * 11,232 / 0,300 = 74,880 € / citizen
DU = c * M / N = 7,488 € / year = 624 € / month

A free monetary mass, equivalent in mass and comprising the same number of members, would thus be established on the symmetrical basis in space-time of a universal (unconditional and cumulative) dividend of the same magnitude.

But remember that since Euro is not a libre money, this assumption should be taken cautiously. it’s issuance is not symmetric in space nor in time. so what you can imagine doing with a theoretical Universal Dividend in € is not representative of the potential of a libre money issued by a Universal Dividend.

This amount (624 euro/month) will be given from the beginning of launch of the project or does it need some time to reach it ?

It will be given from the beginning of the currency, for every members. But day by day instead of month by month.

Will it also be on an exchange so as e.g. trade for bitcoins?Or is this too early to ask?
And thanks for the replies

It should be available on exchanges, yes. But it won’t be the current developers which will make it available, our time is limited. If users and developers want a Duniter currency to be available on exchanges, they will have to do it :wink:

The basic income will always be the same or it will increase every month?

The universal dividend will always be 10% of the monetary mass shared to every members. So it will remains the same relatively to the monetary mass. Note that because money is created through the UD creation, the monetary mass will grow with it. And so… the next UD will be bigger quantitatively. :slight_smile:

You should play with the RTM in colors to better understand how it works :

Or simply create an account to test and see how it works:

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Why this fixed number 10%?
Is there a theory behind this number?

Yes, it is the Relative Theory of Money :

this one?
c = ln(ev/2)/(ev/2)
or this one?
ln(ev)/ev <= c <= ln(ev/2)/(ev/2)

This is not 10% exactly, it is apoximately 10%

If ev=80 then ln(ev)/ev = 0,0547 or 5.47%

Yes the number can be between 5 and 12% for the time symmetry to be respected. We chose 10% because it is easy to know the average UD/person present in the monetary mass : 10 UD. The numbers are generally easier to explain this way :slight_smile:

In that case you should not arbitrarily chose this number and set it to 10%.
You should allow the community to vote the number.
You should let the community to decide whether this number should be 5%, 12% or something inbetween.

This number is only technical. It will only change the time for an individual to reach the point of convergence in the share of money issuance of the monetary mass. But it does not change a lot of thing, from it will change between ~30 and ~60 years.

Making this votable can be done by the future generation if they deem it necessary. It won’t be us who will be working on this in 40 years.

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Is this possible,when trading the Duniter free money on an exchange,the coin collapses and loses its value?I.e. why someone buy your Duniter coin?

Buying free money would mean giving her value, not losing her.
Why someone wouldn’t buy? or Maybe no one would sell libre money…
Why some people buy bitcoins and other accept to sell?
is money value? or money is symbol of real value?…

Is this possible to make a projection of the 624 euros/per month after 6 months,1 years,2 years and so on?