Kanban board directly in the forum

I tried kanban discourse plugin on the discourse dev instance: Kanban - Forum Monnaie Libre

As it was discussed before, I’m ready to install it and manage on Duniter forum. Is there any remark before doing this?


I interpreted the two :heart: as “ok, go on”. Look at About the Kanban board category for explanation.

For a global board over the whole forum, see https://forum.duniter.org/latest?board=default. For the moment, it is configured to display only todo wip done tags, but we can change it at any moment.

For some topics, it is not easy to decide wether they should appear in GitLab issue only or also on the forum (example: [issue #17] Adapt indexer for new genesis format). For the moment I will let technical issues only on the forum and replicate only the issues that require more discussion and specifications.