Look What was on first page of Wikipedia this morning

I was so excited this morning to see the basic income on the introduction page of Wikipedia… Incredible isn’t it?
I took a screenshot from my FFOS pocketcomputer.

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Which FFOS model is that ? I see you can receive 4G so I’m wondering… ^^

It seems upper than 2.X may be 3.0. I also need to upgrade my FFOS.

Yes, it is FFOS 2.5 spark build. 2.5 will be intermediate between 2.0 and 3.0. Spark is with experimental features. Some will be on 2.5 some for later… 3.0?

Are you sure that was the case? I found no records of the article being featured on the main page on September 28, and no notifications in the article’s talk page, as is usual in Wikipedia.