Need clarification about UCP transactions

I just read specs about uCoin Protocol and I have a question about transactions.
The documentation give this example.

Version: 1
Currency: beta_brousouf

My understanding is that the user with the public key mentionned in Issuers is “sending” 30 beta_brousouf from his T type address D717FEC1993554F8EAE4CEA88DE5FBB6887CFAE8.

There are two beneficiaries adresses :

BYfWYFrsyjpvpFysgu19rGK3VHBkz4MqmQbNyEuVU64g  “receive” 25 coin
HsLShAtzXTVxeUtQd7yi5Z5Zh4zNvbu8sTEZ53nfKcqY  “receive” 5 coin

But the documentation states :

Key HsLShA sending 30 coins to key BYfWYF using 1 source transaction (its value is not known but could be 30).

What do I miss ?

What did I :slight_smile:

Statement: Key HsLShA sending 30 coins to key BYfWYF is wrong, it should be:

Key HsLShA sending 25 coins to key BYfWYF
Key HsLShA sending 5 coins to key HsLShA (itself), which is the rest of 30 - 25

Btw, T type mean transaction source, and D717FEC1993554F8EAE4CEA88DE5FBB6887CFAE8 is the source transaction hash where we have to find HsLShA receiving 30.

Thanks for the clarification. Source transaction hash was a nebulous concept for me.
But, I found that schema on

You use this mechanism, don’t you ?

Also, I would like more explanations about U and F sources.
I guess, that U means universal dividend and F fee.
Are these sources becomes T after the first transaction ?

Thanks for your time.

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It seems to be the same, yes.