New testing currency [Fair_Money]

I have created a new testing currency called fair_money.

You can find it at address and 8999 port.
We need two other persons to start the money.
Because I have set two minimum certifications to be and stay member.
To start, you can certify me with the nickname moul. Then, I will certify you.

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Hi @Moul,

I tried it this morning and after having add this new money, my cutecoin was loading endlessly at start after that operation (never been able to see again my meta_brouzouf wallet). Moreover, it seems that the money is not called fair_money but moul_zouf. Any idea about that?

Yes Cutecoin probably cannot handle multiple communities correctly since we never tested in the latests versions. You should wait for next release before using this feature…

In the short term, you can just create a new account and add this community separately.

Same here, I’ve added a community for my account cgeek, and cutecoin 0.10.2 is loading forever.

But I cannot either access to the node through either, so let’s correct this first :slight_smile:

And if you ever need to reset your conf because Cutecoin is broke, you should :

  • Save somewhere your salt/password (do not ever forgot it :slight_smile: )

Then remove :

~/.config/cutecoin (on linux)
%APP_DATA%/cutecoin (on windows)

Yes, just what I did :smiley: I think I found about these config files because of one post of you (somewhere else on the forum). And I looked into each file and remove carefully things one by one (keeping a backup, of course).

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Well launched :smile::

  • Finally, one certification is needed to be a member.
  • This money simulate in real time free money with monthly universal dividend.
  • Growth rate is set at 9.22%/year.
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How do I add the fair_money node? When a try to create a new community with he is only suggesting meta_brouzouf nodes

Fair money has been disabled since then !

Oh, thats sad. Is there a reason for it? Maybe because you wish to keep focus on one place, rather than splitting up into different pods?

Hmm… I just also tried to add fair_money before I read that it’s disabled.
Result: I got the meta_buf community displayed twice on the start screen (see screenshot).
Is there a way to remove one?

Account > configure :slight_smile:

Hmmm… there I just got the option to delete the whole account, which is not what I want, I think?
I just want to remove one of the entries without removing the other. (However, I haven’t tried yet)

Shame on me :stuck_out_tongue: I completely missed the “next” button at the bottom. Thanks :slight_smile:

lol, our brain sees first red = danger then it stops and goes into danger / escape mode :smile:

yes, that really might be, what has happened… :dizzy_face:

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lol, better then if the brain would have switched in the attack mode :smile:

By the way, nice idea this fiar_money how to open such a test community?