Objection in the model of the web of trust of Ucoin

Nobody said that you are not free to leave democracy. You are of course free to leave democracy, if a democracy decides against free speach. I will also leave such a democracy, for sure. But if I hate them very much, i will not leave. I will remain silent, and only I vote. This is what angels do in a majority of daemons.

I really don’t get it. I though a democracy was the only way to freedom, and now I see that democracy can decide to restrict my freedom.

Yes. A pure democracy can decide to restrict all your freedoms, except of your right to vote.
They can take all from you, but not your soul.

If you dont like that, then you should try consitutional democracy (or democracy into a bubble)

So in the end, I am still not free.

Why do you bother us with men not free in uCoin because there is not a democracy, and then you tell us democracy can restrict freedom?

Because as long as democracy is not initialized by beliefs, they will restrict not only your own freedom but also everybodys freedom.
Do you think the majority will decide to restrict all its freedoms from itself? It is possible if we talk about daemons, but if we talk about humans, it is improbable.

It is possible if we talk about daemons, but if we talk about humans, it is impossible.


Any way, as long as you are afraid of pure democracy, why dont you try a contitutional one?
The mechanism is similar inside the bubble, as it is outside the bubble.
The important thing is to study the mechanism, to learn and understand how the tree of life works.

Well, I choose not to try anything before I see your experimentation with other men.

And maybe then, I will not try.

Why not trying YOU instead of asking others to do what you don’t ? Start your “community” to develop your “demo-digital-democracy” it is ok for us.

It is expected you dont want to try the experiment, because you like to be the king here, and you like to have servants.

This is the real reason you deny democracy, even a constitutional one. Your opinion does not count as long as you are the king.

I would like to hear the servants opinion on weither they want to try democracy or not, not your opinion.

As we demonstrated, the democracy is not an absolute way to not have kings and servants. But what guarantees people from not being servants is that they are free to come and free to leave. So nobody is the king of anyone here.

Yes of course this is the reality, since demo says it.

Of course not.
The fact that you are free to come and leave from a community, has nothing to do with the way this community is governed.

Which has nothing to do with individual freedom.

individual freedom do not exist outside community.


Nobody is “gouverned” when he is free to leave. Only slaves are governed, because they are not free to leave.

I said the community is governed. Not you as individual. If they let you go, you are free, but this does not mean that the community stopped its form of governence after you left.

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