Opinion: Duniter urgently needs to be completely rewritten, integrate into the SAFE Network

As ArkOS was being discontinued I discovered that I completely misunderstood MaidSafe and thought the SAFE Network was something that could be integrated into Duniter and a self-hosting network, but it’s the other way around and a replacement of self-hosting networks.

That puts things into a very different perspective for me.
Duniter needs to be completely rewritten to integrate into the SAFE Network.

Most important is that the SAFE Network is the only thing that supports cryptocurrencies that scale better than blockchain cryptocurrencies and thus is able to be compete with centralized electronic currencies.
Blockchain is not the future. The SAFE Network is.

The other advantages of the Safe Network can be found on it’s wiki:

This is why I think Duniter needs a complete turnover.

I’d love to see how others think about this, especially the developers of Duniter.

No. But you can do it by yourself, or convince other people to do it. We won’t.

I just read about IOTA, a scalable decentralized solution that doesn’t rely on the SAFE Network or the blockchain.
Is Duniter following that route then?

You have to get rid of the blockchain somehow.

Duniter is not following that road either. Also Ğ1 (pronounce « June ») is already launched, we won’t completely change the core concepts now. We have studied IOAT and think it is not adapted to Duniter (it could, but the cost to change to this architecture will delay Ğ1 growth to 2048, and the benefits are not obivous).

Finally, we don’t have to do anything. We have studied the pros and cons of the blockchain, for example here is my analysis of the blockchain concept, and we only make choices based on these studies.

Blockchain is definitely a good solution to have a commonly shared database. Other solutions can be found, but blockchain is really OK to us. I don’t see any acceptable reason why this solution should be rejected.

Should I recall that Duniter’s blockchain != generic blockchain, because it is based on the Web of Trust.

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Scalability. With every transaction the chain gets bigger. I want to keep things small.

I’ll do that then.
Thank you very much for your replies cgeek!

We think that’s not a problem, for 2 reasons:

  1. The database is a flow, and is also bounded in size. We do not need to keep track of every block, we can build states that get regularly updated.
  2. Small and quick transactions can be operated offline, with Lightning Networks. Duniter is already compliant with them.

So we don’t worry about this subject. Maybe we will, later on, if we missed something, but that won’t be before 3 or 5 years. :slight_smile:

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Oh wow! That makes things even more interesting.

Perhaps Duniter can then be integrated into MaidSafe with almost the same ease as a Yunohost plugin.