Release Cesium v0.3.5

We are please to announce a new release of the web and mobile client Cesium v0.3.5

New features ?

I hope you enjoy some exciting new features;)

Last registered members

Registry now display by default last registered members:

Press Enter to launch Search

On large screen only, search (on WoT registry, market place, …) run only after you press Enter (issue #112).

Private message

You could send private message to any member or account. Message content are encrypted using the wallet secret key (see a message document example).

Messages are stored in a ElasticSeacrh cluster, using the plugin duniter4j-elasticsearch v0.3.1.

You now should be able to install your own ES node.

You have quick action buttons (swipe left on a message):

Social networks

Additionnal share buttons (on identity, Ad, registry record …)


Some text fields could be copied by a simple click (then Ctrl+C) - available on pubkey, address, …

Here is an example, on a member public key:

Test it

As usual, you can test this version on or you install a self-host copy.

Please report issue here.

Enjoy ! :wink:

2 « J'aime »

Handy and useful client. Great work thank you.

Good update. Thanks.

I followed this below option1 below to generate an android apps (.apk file)

Here is the link to donwload the apk:

But when I run the app it is blank.
May be not the right tool to generate this app ?


Did you try to install the apk from github releases ? or from google play store ?

Indeed from the page

I get a cesium-v0.3.5-android.apk file.
But when I try to install it I get a “Application non installée” ?

I also had a white screen running the app from GooglePlay.
So I uninstalled it from GooglePlay, before re-installing it, and now it works fine.

I was also able to re-install apk from GitHub once Cesium is properly uninstaled before trying a new setup.

So apparently the apk I was able to generate using adobe PhoneGap was crap !

Actually The Cesium apk was not easy to find on the page
Maybe a link toward Google Play on this page could be convenient ?
Have a good day

With your mobile in the browser, just clic “add the page to the application screen”, and so Cesium is installed like an application. Easy to do, no need to not-free stuff.