Release Cesium v0.9.18

Cesium v0.9.18 is now available :

Network data are not anymore in the currency screen (but still in a special tab, on small device).
Peer list should now be stable (including automatic refreshing).

Thanks to all new contributors !

Please send issue here and questions or remarks under this post.

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thanks for all the time spent on it, It’s working amazingly well :smiley:

I already love it !!!

New release, with a light block explorer in the network screen:

Note : enable « expert mode » in settings to see all options (table headers…) on the peers list.

Note 2 : In the block list, please note that compacted block are « empty block » (no certifications, transactions, identities, …). Just click on compacted block to expanded it.

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You can also click on a block, to show a summary:

I plan to display, later, all transactions, certifications, … in this detail view.

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Excellent production. Very useful. I like this. :thumbsup:

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