[Release] v0.9.6

I’ve juste released ucoin v0.9.6.

Still a minor version, but with an improved API for clients and few bug fixes.

To update, simply launch:

$ sudo npm install -g ucoin

Stop your ucoin instance and resync with an existing node:

$ ucoin sync twiced.fr 9101

And restart your node!

API changes


List all current members of the Web of Trust.

Example: http://twiced.fr:9101/wot/members


Returned parameters changed to match last protocol updates.

Example: http://twiced.fr:9101/blockchain/parameters


A list of useful methods to know which blocks contained data about newcomers, certifications, universal dividend, transactions, etc.


New Features / Bug fixing

  • ucoin wizard command seemd stuck when mongodb is unreachable
  • logs: waiting “dots” are removed from logs, since it polluted them
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I get these errors after starting ucoin :

data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:25703 - [2014-12-11 08:16:57.322] [DEBUG] blockchain - Computing stats: done!
data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:25703 - [2014-12-11 08:16:57.378] [DEBUG] multicaster - sending NEW status to peer C8V92JtKrm
data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:25703 - [2014-12-11 08:16:57.413] [DEBUG] multicaster - Error while connecting to C8V92JtKrm: Error: connect EACCES
data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:25703 - [2014-12-11 08:16:57.414] [DEBUG] multicaster - sending NEW status to peer BBJyd8gA2C
data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:25703 - [2014-12-11 08:16:57.422] [DEBUG] multicaster - Error while connecting to BBJyd8gA2C: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Edit : And other weird errors…

data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:26149 - [2014-12-11 08:23:32.618] [ERROR] ucoin_default - - POST /blockchain/block HTTP/1.1 400 23 - 70 ms
data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:26149 - [2014-12-11 08:30:45.195] [INFO] blockchain - Block #534 added to the blockchain
data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:26149 - [2014-12-11 08:30:45.256] [INFO] ucoin_default - - POST /blockchain/block HTTP/1.1 200 undefined - 245 ms
data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:26149 - [2014-12-11 08:30:45.263] [DEBUG] multicaster - --> new Block to be sent to 1 peer(s)
data:    /usr/bin/ucoind:26149 - [2014-12-11 08:30:45.269] [INFO] multicaster - POST block to HnFcSms8jz

For the first block of errors, your node is trying to reach 2 testing nodes that are hosted in my home. Obviously, you can’t reach them, and that’s normal. However, I should probably not display errors.

For the 2nd block of errors, do you mean the very first line? If yes: this line not a “real” error, it is just an echo of my node receiving the block your node has computed and has sent me. I forwarded this block to you too, however since you already have it, API generates an “already received” error.

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I’m not sure if this an error of ucioind, but my nohup.out shows an error:

        throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
    at errnoException (net.js:901:11)
    at Server._listen2 (net.js:1020:19)
    at listen (net.js:1061:10)
    at net.js:1143:9
    at dns.js:72:18
    at process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)

The network interface + port you are using are not available, which can occur if:

  • It already exists a program using same interface + port
  • You asked ucoin to use an interface that does not exist on your computer


$ ucoin wizard network

to configure again your network settings. Generally, IPv4 should point to a private network address, and Remote IPv4 should be your internet address.

Hope it helps!

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