RTM translation from french to english

@vit created the RTM translation from french to english project.
So I translated a big section.
I hope to see you there :slight_smile:


@vit @Moul

Many thanks for this effort.

To be totally honest I am finding some sentences hard to follow, because even though the words are individually correct, perhaps grammatically it could be more idiomatic.

Unfortunately I’m also not a native english speaker (and my french is very poor), so I am hardly in a position to make a huge contribution in this regard.

However since I really want to understand the underlying theory of Duniter, I will do my best to read (and understand) the RTM and contribute where I can to improve it’s English translation.

I did try to submit a small correction via weblate.duniter.org and encountered a nasty server-side error when opening the translations. I submitted an error report via that platform.

In the mean time I also hope native English speakers with fluency in French will take this up and contribute too.

Yes this translation still needs a lot of work. Let’s say it’s an alpha version :wink:

Thanks a lot to take the time to try to read the theory behind it. It means a lot to us :slight_smile:

Yes we encoutered an issue after upgrading weblate schema. We need to reinstall weblate to fix these. Nobody took the time to do so at the moment… :slight_smile:

In the mean time, you could work using a .po file editor and using a pull request on the weblate repository. Your changes will be pulled on weblate later without any problem :wink:

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Great, will do. :thumbsup:

To contribute, you can clone the repository and modify po files like this file :


Be careful, strings are formatted as ReStructured text format, and you need to keep formatting characters.

For example, line 404, you got a lot of “*”, to have italics. Don’t remove them !


Thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot !

Just a small note about the vocabulary : in the current version, we used 3 terms for the monnaie libre name. “Free money”, “Fair money” and “Libre money”. Nowadays we prefer to use only Libre money. Free is not good enough (free like in free beer or like in freedom ?) and Fair does not represent correctly the 4 economic freedom.

That’s why we now use the french world libre in the name of this particular money based on the four freedoms. :slight_smile: If you want to begin fixing the text, that would be a good start ! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about some unclear sentence, do not hesitate to ask them here !


Hey there !
I may as well give a bit of attention to the translation at some point too ; I think the biggest issue we have is that we (i.e. the French) have a tendency to have loooooong phrases with lots of sub-sub-sub-phrases :blush: which is not the case in most other non-latin languages, where… eeeh… oops, doin’ it again :disappointed_relieved:
I do not have a lot of time, but it may be interesting I spend it more on this topic rather than the actual programming (after RML8) ; we will have time to discuss this in Toulouse anyway.

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May I ask what graphics tool was used to create the images, and if it’s possible to include the original graphics files in the repo? Assuming those files use layers, it would be easier to generate language-specific versions of them.

I don’t know. @vit , @Galuel ?

Originally it was made with LaTeX module pgfplot and data from spreadsheet, or directly from LibreOffice SpreadSheet. You can just copy them or generate them again with the functions that are given.

The 3D images have been made by Luc Fievet. May be @Galuel have a layered gimp version of them.

Some plots are generated from data by sphinx when building the document:


We have to figure out how to switch image version with Sphinx, may be with the locale in the image path, but I’m not sure if it is possible…

Latex formula are not localized. You have to dig in the rst code and Sphinx documentation to find a way to do it. I didn’t find it.

Well, localize images is quite a job and need to master Sphinx tool :wink:


I have no other source for the 3 images made by Luc Fievet you need to contact him to obtain them (if he has them, it’s not sure, because it was made in 2010 for RTM 1.0 with Blunder).