Running full local network for tests (duniter + indexer)

Look in the distance pool if your oracle published a result. But you are going quite deep here, distance oracle implementation is still fresh and we did not experiment a lot on it locally. Even on gdev we currently do not have a working distance oracle (due to the docker entrypoint problem, see Oracle de distance dans un docker and Docker distance entrypoint is outdated (#199) · Issues · nodes / rust / Duniter v2S · GitLab).

The oracle is writing a result file in the duniter chain directory. Then the file is used to publish results in an inherent next time the validator adds a block. You are trying to debug one of the most experimental part of the software in an untested environment. It is normal if it seems difficult.

When nothing happens duniter side, indexer can not have the info! If you want to debug duniter, connect to it with polkadotjs app.

To shortcut distance oracle, you can use the sudo call to force valid evaluation. For this kind of custom operation, it’s convenient to use polkadotjs app.