Some developments


I 'm trying to develop a local Django (Python) client to display uCoin network information in browser apps :

I’m also developing a Peer-to-peer Python JavaScript node ( with client side ) :

The projects are in progress.


I like the two ideas but I don’t understand how zeronet could be used to develop a ucoin node…

I’m interested by the classes Connection , the local webserver UserInterface and the “micro-threads game”.

ZeroNet seems to be a complete software with many useful components
It uses library

Your development ideas seem very interesting, I suggest you to propose a presentation for the next 7th Free Money Meeting RML7 2-3-4-5 June 2016.

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thanks for this suggestion,
I have to think about it :slight_smile:

I find this design fun :

I can try to do the same with metaBrouzouf transactions :wink: