Some remarks on the site

Hi! I’ve got some remarks on the page:

What about non-members?
Non-members cannot receive UD, nor benefit from transaction fees. […]

I haven’t seen any mention of transaction fees on the site.

As a designer/frontend developer
[…] What probably Duniter needs the most is: a logo.

I guess it’s done, the logo is beautiful.

As a backend developer
[…] If you are not afraid of those technologies, you can both start reading HTTP API and contact us.

The link is dead now (404).

Well, there are no transactions fees in Duniter protocol. That’s an old sentence that should be fixed obviously !

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Well, we really need to finish the new english website. (Any contribution is greetly appreciated : )

Thanks for your feedback batisteo.

As inso said, an english version is under preparation and the current version is quite old with obsolete content in few places.

You can shorten the delay to the official release of by creating or edition pages in

I’m just waiting for people to tell me “the english site has enough content with correct quality” to make the release.