v0.9.12 released

New version, fixing few bugs:

  • Twin identities when using /wot/lookup
  • Network issues when block mining is taking too long
  • Issue for clients trying to create a new identity (/wot/add call)

About this one … you will have to completely reset & resync your blockchain. I already know this sync procedure is becoming longer and longer. I will add a new way to quickly sync using external tools, soon :slight_smile:

Update procedure

$ sudo npm install -g ucoin

If your instance is running: stop it. Then:

$ ucoind reset data
$ ucoind sync twiced.fr 9101
$ ucoind start
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My node restarted ! :slight_smile:

So I upgraded again from 0.9.11 to 0.9.12 and I have to reset data, it looks like I can’t sync. Is it a bug ?

➜ ~ ucoind sync twiced.fr 9101
[2014-12-28 15:26:03.414] [INFO] sync - Connecting remote host…
[2014-12-28 15:26:03.421] [INFO] sync - Sync started.
[2014-12-28 15:26:03.421] [INFO] sync - Downloading Blockchain…
[2014-12-28 15:26:04.289] [INFO] sync - Sync finished.
[2014-12-28 15:26:04.289] [ERROR] ucoind - Error during sync: PreviousHash not matching hash of current block

This means your node has forked (your current block’s fingerprint is not what is written on next block of remote host).

Indeed, you have to reset data.