0,75 g1 dissapeared in the blockchain?

Hi, if you check the history and balance of the current account (a local friend of us that reported the unusual result in his Cesium balance):

Public Key: 3adHHceuxZufD1Bztqiitm444wbDxN4EDqUcfzkpiBbV

How can he received 1,5 g1 , and transfered out 0,75… but the balance is 0,00 ??
I thought it was a Cesium bug but not, silka also showed 0,00 in the balance, so it had to be from the Duniter blockchain…

Then I transfered 10 g1 to see if the balance went to 10,75… but not, it is only 10

Did it happened to somebody? what is happening ?


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An account is immediately set to 0 if the amount goes strictly below 1 G1. This is an antispam behavior, to prevent an attacker from spamming the wallet index.

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Thanks, I didn’t know that.
But if an spammer has 10g1 and the minimum transaction is 0,01… can make 0,01x900 spam transactions to spam the wallet index of any account isn’t it ? That is… transfer 99g1 to an account… and the antispam behaviour just reducing the last 10% spam ? Or am I missing something?

Well it is more precisely a storage anti-spam: transfering money on an account that was empty creates an entry in the database.

With only 10 Ğ1, a user can create 10 entries in the DB (10 « accounts »). Without the rule, it would be 1000 entries (100 times more).

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