1 block computed with ARM. I can't believe it!

Mined with an Odroid XU4:

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You installed the server version on ARM? Great!

Also yes, on Duniter even low computers can compute blocks, as you can see. However, you were immediatly handicaped for the next 5 blocks.

This is the rotation algorithm we use.

edit : for example, I know @RavanH or @gpsqueeek which use a Raspberry PI to compute blocks.

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and me now…

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However, your node is not reachable by other peers. Maybe an IPv4 configuration issue? Here is your peer declaration:

  "version": 2,
  "currency": "test_net",
  "pubkey": "4qesC5stf342FJL7w5AQndwc3GmrxA49DdUZcZt4Ti2c",
  "block": "70787-00001B16D9D5F5341381D130B867C3BB1A952221D961DED1566979B67D95DEF9",
  "signature": "pVQvWUz4NSQ2PxKfyMTU1DrJaaCk7SXCAPn9HM5U/kcC2hZnALhFyWXEJQooODBp1CnW7P7bOx2XobnW722UBg==",
  "endpoints": [

So you can reach us, but we can’t reach you.

My node ?

No sorry, I was speaking about @manolollr’s one.

My Internet connection is very annoying. I think I’m connected trough a proxy, I don’t know. I can’t open ports, config in router is ignored, UPnP is ignored. Sorry.

But I can connect to other peers and receive data from other peers.

This is a test currency, so you can test if bad connections cause problems or not :slight_smile:

Yup it works fine with ARM : I use an Internet Cube containing an Olimex A20 Olinuxino Lime 2 (with an Allwinner A20, also used on Banana Pi or Cubieboard 2 if I remember well : dual core Cortex A7, 1 Gb RAM, Gbit Ethernet, SATA port, probably quite a lot less powerfull than your XU4)
It already calculated 414 blocks at a rate of around 4 to 5 a day (with CPU setting configured to 50 %)

@manolollr you can configure on which port your Duniter is available, you may give a try to port 80 or 21 for example, if you do not use them anywhere else.

Good job manolollr.
Congratulation! :slight_smile: is it still on ARM?
Visible on: http://remuniter.cgeek.fr/

Yes, I’m only mining with ARM. 17 blocks in 24 hours. Good!

  • 4 cores at 2 GHz
  • 4 cores at 1.4 GHz

It consumes 5 Watt. when iddle, 15 W with activity and 20 W Max.

You are not mining, you are contributing blocks to the blockchain :slight_smile:
I hope I do not seem rude, but mining in the real world is such a disaster for the environment… and therefore the word is appropriate for BitCoin because you need more and more power :cold_sweat:

You are right, in Duniter we speak about computing blocks instead of mining. Because you have nothing to mine, you will get your Universal Dividend anyway :wink:

Yes, that is true. It’s the habit to speak with BitCoin vocabulary. I prefer the word computing blocks

Thanks for the clarification.

Why not find a “official” word for “mining” in DUniter ecosystem?

I purpose: EN: craft FR: fabriquer (linguee)
to craft a block” >> “fabriquer un bloc”
“I’m crafting blocks on ARM !!” >> “Je fabrique des blocs sur ARM !!”
“Bloc craft is easy with DUniter” >> “L’artisanat de bloc est facile avec DUniter”

It refers to building, but it don’t implies “find gold” like the Bitcoin semantics. Plus, it refers to small workers, and hobbit, not indistry…

What do you think about it?

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I personnally like the word computing because this is technically what the nodes are doing :slight_smile: But maybe not user friendly and fun as the mining idea of bitcoin. So, why not crafting

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