6th freedom money meeting uCoin coding party 12th to 15 November 2015

12th to 15th November in Valence France all uCoin developpers and supporting users of freedom money are invited to join in. All information to contribute and participate is in the FMM6 official site.


Ce sujet est maintenant un gros titre. Il sera affiché en haut de chaque page jusqu’à qu’il soit ignoré par un utilisateur.

Ce sujet n’es plus un gros titre. Il ne sera plus affiché en haut de chaque page.

Does it make sense for me as a non-french speaking german to attend?

Yes you can, softwares presentations include graphics views you can follow and understand, Ğeconomicus game does not need to speak a lot and it’s easy to play, you will be able to test uCoin/Cutecoin/uCoinApps softwares with developpers here.

Also you will be able to know how meeting is organised and perhaps think about organising it in Berlin for instance with english language later (for instance FMM8 or FMM9 since FMM7 is yet organised in France / Laval in June 2016).

Thank you Galuel.
How about accommodation? Is there anybody, who will be able to assist me?

You can contact organisation in the official site.

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Thank you for the event @everyone! I had a great time!


Thank you for your participation to the event. You will stay in history to be the first attendant from a non french speaking country.
It was a pleasure to exchange with you!

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No, an english man from “positive money” association came in FMM2 or FMM3 in Paris.

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