A stupid (although viral) web of trust. Please certify as G1 owners all of the below

Look at them!
Do you think they are fake people?
If not, then please certify all the below Dash addresses in your web of trust.

Also find a way to contact all of them, and tell them that, apart from Dash, they also won some G1.
Then do some propaganda about the universal dividend, and explain to them why they should give their body to Dash, but their soul to the G1 (and to whatever else future universal dividend cryptocurrency)

POLL: Is the #firstdashwallet web of trust, although stupid, much more powerfull than G1’s web of trust?

  • yes it is, because stupidness is the biggest force of the universe
  • yes, because the need for survival motivates everything.
  • no
  • other

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Ce qui serait vraiment stupide serait de croire que la multiplication de la stupidité créerait de l’intelligence…

What would be really stupid would be to believe that the multiplication of stupidity would create intelligence …

This is how life works. Multiplication causes mutation, and mutation is the reason of evolution.
And if you evolve, someday you may become intelligent. It is the try and error method.

Life evolved from the stupid amoeba to the intelligent human in this exact way.
So yes, multiplication of stupidity creates intelligence.

Tu confonds l’évolution et la création.
L’un nait des essais du chaos, l’autre de son organisation.
Les deux ont leur importance, Mais à l’échelle humaine, il vaut mieux compter sur la création pour évoluer…

You confuse evolution and creation.
One is born from the trials of chaos, the other from its organization.
Both are important, but on a human scale, it is better to rely on creation to evolve …


@Demo, stop demanding things! This is exasperating and out of subject. Close.

Once again this is not a forum to discuss philosophy and things like this about the project. If you want to debate, find people that do want to debate and go with them debate somewhere else.

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Demo you are still out of subject, there is nothing philosophical or human to debate here, only technical issues about the code and technical protocol.

Also you have been on this forum for one year, always posting against our choices. We have let you time to give links to your own forum or web site so other peolple interested in your ideas could follow tou. Instead of giving such links, you - again - criticize Duniter project and aks us to do things instead of being the change you want to see in others.

As you obviously do not share our ideas, but keep posting messages on this forum instead of leaving us alone, I consider you as a troll.

We do not want trolls. This makes us loose a lot of time and energy. You are now banned for 1 year.