About the Ğ1 companion category

Ğ1 companion is a browser extension allowing to perform basic Ǧ1 operations in any static website thanks to it’s API.

It is powered by Ğ1 lib and now supports Ğ1v1. It will support Ğ1v2 in the future.


  • create / manage wallets
  • perform transaction
  • send message through datapods


  • signing encrypting, decrypting
  • checking validity of a signature

G1 companion seems a really cool utility.
I’ve seen it working and the design and funcionality are quite good!
I’ll install soon in my firefox to testi it.
Couple things I think could be good to check:

  • availability to publish the extension to firefox hub
  • try the firefox beta for android to try that for mobile link
  • check actual status, TODOs and issues
  • if not already did, key and password should be both encrypted when storing them locally and an additional master password should be used to unlock the wallet when trying to access for the first time (for every firefox session)
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