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Production and test networks.

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What parameters are used for zeta and meta_brouzouf and what’s the reasoning behind it?

? Start computation of a new block if none received since (seconds) 
? Universal Dividend %growth: 
? Universal Dividend period (in seconds) 
? First Universal Dividend (UD[0]) amount: 
? Delay between 2 identical certifications: 
? Certification validity duration: 
? Number of valid certifications required to be a member: 
? Number of valid emitted certifications to be a distance checked member: 
? Membership validity duration: 
? Number of blocks on which is computed median time: 
? The average time for writing 1 block (wished time) 
? Frequency, in number of blocks, to wait for changing common difficulty: 
? Number of blocks to check in past for deducing personalized difficulty: 
? Weight in percent for previous issuers: