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I wanted to add to my current Cutecoin screeam ( I guess wallet) this new currency Zeta_brousouf. Can I add it side by side with my existentt account ( meta_brousouff)?.
If I can, when I create the new account I will have to use a different name than my id name in use in my first account, will that be ok?

First, zeta_brousouf is a dead currency. No more uCoin peer is handling it.

If it was possible though, you could add it side by side with meta_brouzouf in Cutecoin. You could use the same ID as in meta_brousouf. To do it in cutecoin, you just need to configure your account again and add a new Community (that’s cutecoin vocabulary).

Cutecoin will ask you to give a peer’s IP + port so it can connect to this currency.