Advancing toward my goal of "An intro for anglo-geeks" by mid-jan21

No responses requested, just keeping you all informed.

I’ve been advancing on my documentation targeted at anglophone geeks, since last week. Ive finally got at least ‹ some › for each how-to tool that Ive written.

For those interested in taking a look: find it below.

While I’m not asking for feedback yet, and while these docs/code are still in draft form (before final-draft, I’ll publish « I will pay you G1 to review my work » offer on the user forums and on gchange), if you choose to offer valuable feedback to me… I will not ask you about your favorite pubkey/charity… I will instead find your pubkey (if I can) and say thanks via G1, without asking for your approval; thanks for understanding this.

Have a great week everybody.


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