Algorithmic Design

After studying the Relative Theory of Money, I’m 100% sure, we go the right direction. We (as humankind) must change the way we emit money - the debt is clearly the slavery destroying our planet.

I didn’t find any correcting mechanism to prevent economic pareto accumulation over long-time run. So in Duniter based currencies can accumulate wealth, correct?

Proposed design - we can achieve similar results with more simple rules:

  • Every time interval (Ti), monetary amount © is emitted to each member account
  • Every time interval (Ti), all member and business accounts are discounted by a demurrage (a) for speeding up economic exchange
  • Maximum mass for a given currency is chosen and pre-fixed (M) to prevent inflation

Emission parameters - e.g. choosing:
C = 100 units
a = - 2%
M = 1.000.000 units

Then - every Ti:
account status (2) = (100% - a) * (account status (1) + C)
x = sum off all accounts
if x > M, then b = M / x, account status (3) = (100% - b) * (account status (2))

It looks like you didn’t analyze correctly the Relative referential of the RTM. If you look at the currency relatively to the issued dividend, you will observ results similar with your demurrage currency. In this referential, every accounts are converging to 10 UD.

You should take a look at the Galilée module presentation, done by Thatoo :