@cgeek by the way, what does the percentage mean? On how can I undo trust relationships?

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6/101 means confirmation. This certification is written in the blockchain since 6 blocks. 101 means the possible branch of the blockchain which is maximum 100 blocks.

Thank you!

Please note that in the future sakia will use 6 confirmation instead of the median fork window, like bitcoin clients.

You mean 6 for the number of members nodes?

No, 6 blocks. Because 6 mined blocks in a row in one branch has a really low chance of being reversed.

Ok, I see.

This is an interesting question. Does the protocol support revokation of certifications?

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I would suggest to use faster blocktimes like for example newer chains like Ethereum has.

There are also many studies now that suggest that faster blocktimes would be good for Bitcoin itself.

Well it’s a parameter which is defined when instanciating a ucoin community. I don’t know about the scalability of this parameters, thought. Maybe @cgeek does.

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Maybe, later, someone else will do it. This is absolutely no priority. :slight_smile:

what is currently the priority / the next steps?

The main priority is to have a proof-of-concept, a beta-testable software like Bitcoin has done.

Just a recall: we are not building an Airbus A380, we are just trying to make something that flies. Later, people will think about all the many things we could have made a better way, or even fix the mistakes we have done. But such situation cannot occur if we don’t release our “flying thing” first. :smile:

So our next steps are to implement:

  • milestone 0.13
  • milestone protocol v0.2
  • choose acceptable values for web of trust parameters (minSig, maxStep, …)

If the results is acceptable to us, we launch a beta test currency.

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@cgeek Could put that in “real topic”? The milestone topic or something please.

Sorry I mostly skip [Ask for certification] … but milestone are important topic. :wink:

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