Arbocenc ( developer)


I’m a Catalan web developer (professionally focused on Drupal, Moodle, CiviCRM and some other libre software).

My colleague Guillem and me have developed (I’ve just posted it on the #tools category).

Stephane suggest me to introduce us on, and that’s why I’m here.

I’d like to help you if my (limited) coding skills and my always little free time let it me :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot for your work :wink:

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Welcome to you and thanks for this contribution.

There is a mistake: the domain is :wink:

Your welcome @vit

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Welcome :slight_smile: I referenced on We tried to launch a Moodle server for in order to develop online courses with Ğ1 but i seems it’s too complicated for our users.

1 « J'aime » seems down…

In my experience Moodle could be more improved using some add-ons and depending on the course creator skills when structuring the information, using learning tools (like k5p, gamification…).

I could help you, if needed, even hosting your Moodle in my server (and launching a new instance if you need it). I’m already hosting some other Moodle instances for my professional work. I could do it for free (pro bono), maybe we could open a g1 donations account for users who want to help with the maintenance.

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Yes. It seems down for some days. I must find some time to investigate. The platform was not very used so it is not very important. I knew h5p - which has been integrated in recent versions - but the real problem, i think, is the interface for course creators which is a bit complicated for them. I met a Moodle developer who was able to simplify these interfaces but I have no his skills ^^ is up again. The problem was due to PHP version installed by default on the server.