[Ask for Cert] mnag

Hi my name is Marcos, i am public at Diaspora social network: https://pod.geraspora.de/u/mn

i am working in art, always had an eye on basic income and currencies too, nice to see both in symbiosis.

my public key:

Also registered an UID, which was “mxn66”, later i deleted all cute-data in my homefolder and start completly new as “mnag”, but at the community tab still the older nick shows up, any idea why?

Thanks for certifying me.

Certificated :wink:

Welcome ! :wink:

My first certificated !

Using the same salt/cryptoid and password, you’ll get the same pubkey. So cutecoin will choose the first uid it receives, in this case mxn66… Which I signed. Welcome anyway !

Welcome Marcos,

I certified you and send some meta_brouzouf !