[Ask for certification] Anoa / Ylis Ybah


My name is David Thévenot alias Anoa or Ylis Ybah. I have the project to launch a currency from Marseille where I live.

Website: http://www.eki.money
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dlthevenot
User identity: YlisYbah
Public key: J3hLuBov4vVQEmTrUay2XZTt5ihWAQWEMqqhwWL6j1Cu

Great job on the DU formula !

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I received 2 certifications but I’m not a member yet. Is it normal?
Status : Non-member
Memberhip : Expired or never published

Maybe I should have clicked on “renew membership” (in Sakia) before asking for certification? I hope there isn’t a conflict with my old salt+password that I don’t remember (user id. “Anoa”).

Yes you should publish you rmembership request using this button (which is really badly named)

There is also a bug which avoid new blocks from being issued right now. We are on it.

Now I’m a member, thanks


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