[Ask for Certification] dieterdp

my name is dieterdp.
You can find me at fb: https://www.facebook.com/dieterdp
My email: dieterdp@eigenproduktion.com

I would like to join the community.

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Can’t send more than 99 MétaB for some reason…

Hello dieterdp,

You have 3 certifications, have you asked in the software to “Join the community”? If yes, maybe a signature from @urodelus would help :slight_smile:

I would like to do it, but since some hours I have a problem with the software (CuteCoin 0.10.2 on Ubuntu 14.04). It shows ‘Loading Account dieterdp’ but nothing appears.
I thought waiting will help, but it seems not…
What shall I do?

You shoud delete the following directory:


Also: you are now a member, welcome!

Yeah, I am back again!
But I could not find the option '“Join the community”. Maybe I have asked when I installed
And there is something that I don’t understand:
In Transaction I can see the payment from Thatoo (thank you very much!) which was 99 MB.
But Deposits and Balance show 396 MB.

Hmm maybe @Inso would have a clue on this?

my balance becomes more and more…

Weird bug. As I’m in vacation I can’t investigate right now. I think it’s worth testing with the dev version if you can. Maybe @vit can take a look. Else, you’ll have to wait for the end of August :smile:

Ohh, I can wait. At the end of August I will be rich :wink:
Until now the Deposits showing 22,176 MB and my wallet 4,691,387,644 MB
Should I leave work my cutecoin or stop it?
On sunday I will try to install the dev cutecoin. It seems to be a bit complicated.

Have a good time!

The 4 billion MB is normal: you are now a member and produce money every day, without even having cutecoin launched.

This is metab_brouzouf rule.

Please note that in next version, UD creation will be shown and thus the display will be comprehensive :smile: