[ask for certification] Gab

Ask for certification for my son,Gabriel :wink:
uid = “gab”

But how to prove that he is my son ?
(If my son could use the android-app, everyone could !)

Well … for this “testing” currency there is no big deal, but with real currency it would probably be much more harder for him to join.

Here, I will just trust your words! (and I’ve already some proofs your son actually exists when I visited you last year ;)) But I would not bet enough members will do the same as me :grin:

Edit: I do not see any “Gab” nor “gab”!

i send the self certification here : http://server.e-is.pro:9101/wot/lookup/gab

I cannot connect, since there is a cutecoin bug solved, but without build at the moment : https://github.com/ucoin-io/cutecoin/releases/tag/0.7.6

I can not see any “gab” in the cutecoin wot search…


gives different results on your server and on cgeek server…
And in cutecoin, i get only cgeek results, so no gab…
May be a bug somewhere… :confused:

@kimamila Ok, I’ve imported lookup data from your node for @gab, which includes:

  • its identity
  • his signature to you
  • your signature to him

So we can also sign him from a cutecoin client plugged on my node.

Welcome gab ! I certified you and transfered some MetaB :wink:.


Welcome gab!

Could someone certify “gab” again please ? He is out of the WoT…

I certified him

I did not see renew membership, did he do it?

Yes… did it, on your node, using vucoin :
ucoin --host metab.ucoin.io --port 9201 --salt “xxx” --passwd “xxx” join gab --send

I miss something ?

Ok, I’ve just made a block with latest version of uCoin (dev), and Gab is a member again. Sorry for the unconvenience. :confused: