[Ask for certification] mildred

Hello, I’d like to test the currency, and join the MetaBrouzouf network.

My identity is mildred, my public key is HAZyGefisfdsXANLAQtmHV9tyPUyxqXJb2X2y4ERGwGZ

  • website: http://mildred.fr
  • GitHub account: mildred
  • LinuxFR account: mildred
  • GitLab account: mildred593
  • Mail: mildred-spam@mildred.fr (remove the spam suffix)
  • Member of Hyperboria (contact me for my IPv6)
  • No twitter, facebook, google account, centralized social website
  • I live in France and could answer over the phone (contact me to have the number)

Hi mildred !

As it is a test currency, members are not so strict with identifications methods provided so you will most likely received the needed certifications soon :slight_smile:

Welcome !

EDIT : I see that you published two UIDs on the network. So, for everybody who wants to certify mildred : check the pubkey !

Welcome mildred!

Cool, a 3 hops identity from me! Please don’t mind if I don’t certify you, but this is a good test case for future newcomers :smile:

Certified. Have fun!

Welcome and enjoy !

Thank you all, I still need one certification.

By the way, how do I know who I should ask for certification so I get within 3 hops of everybody?

Also, If I certify someone, what should i check ? Checking that the person is registered on social networks is not enough to ensure uniqueness. Ideally, I should check the passport or identity card (if I trust the issuer). I suppose this all depends on the currency, and each currency can have different guidelines. Does the Mera Brouzouf currency have such guidelines?

We have no particular guideline, but we ask for social network activities as a first filter.

Ideally, you could check “official” papers yes, but you could also have a look on different reputation platforms to have an idea. Also, you may know some certifiers of the newcomer and may ask for details about him.

The system itself have no judgement. It requires a minimum of signatures and a max distance, and imposes constraints on certifications issuance.

But that’s all :slight_smile:

I cannot see you

Fixed. I reseted the main node (port 9201) so the pending identity was lost, but I imported it from another node (port 9212).

edit: @mildred you will have too “Send your membership” again, and find a last signature to become a member.

I see three certifications, but cutecoin says I’m not a member yet. I suppose that the maximum path length of 3 to any member is not respected. How do I know who to ask for additional certification so the max path length is no more than 3 ?


By the way, my first identity (mildred) had a weak password, that’s why I created a second one (Mildred, with an uppercase letter) when I found out that i couldn’t change the password.

Their is no clue to known your 3 hops people for now, but this is a planned feature.

So I have signed you. We will see within the hour if this was the problem here.

edit: ok the problem was more simple: if you look at the bottom left corner of Cutecoin, you will see that Blockchain time is yesterday 18:30 … which means no block was computed since then. I restarted my node, you should join in few minutes!

edit2: you are still not a member. Please send again your membership to be sure it is not the problem, else just wait for more signatures.

How do I send my membership again, exactly. I tried to remove my node from the metab servers, and add it again. Or delete the account and recreate it after, but it hasn’t changed anything.

I’m using CuteCoin v0.10.2 (the precompiled version for Arch)

By the way, I also created an AUR package: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/cutecoin-git/

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With Cutecoin v0.10.x, you can find this button under “Community > Members > Send membership demand” if I remember well.

Ok, I didn’t know the use of this button :slight_smile:

Cutecoin should work easily on arch since I’m dvelopping on arch :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for this package !

Ok my node is unable to generate any new block, again. I will have a look tonight, but for now don’t expect to become a member :slight_smile:

edit: done! welcome @mildred!