[ask for certification] nevid

I’m David and I am new here. For the start I would like to play around with the cutecoin-client and the MetaB-test-curency a bit. Obviously I’ll need to get some signatures for that.

Would anyone be so kind to sign me, pleeease? :wink:

I’m also on facebook (http://fb.com/nevid) and have my own website http://blog.davidp.de - so much for proving who I am :wink: .

Thanks a lot.

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Hi and welcome nevid !

Many germans are discovering ucoin, it’s great :slight_smile:

We are looking for translators for Cutecoin if you got some time !

I certified you anyway, and welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you.
I already registered for the ucoin-weblate-instance earlier today, but I can’t add translations right now. The page always just answers with „Failed to store message in the backend, lock timeout occurred!
Do I have to apply to become a team-member first or is this a bug on the server-side?

Ah yes we noticed this bug earlier today. I’ll look into this and let you know.

This is fixed :slight_smile:

Welcome David,
I just certified you !

20% of german language translated, wow ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve just certified you, it says it was successfull but it doesn’t seems to be ok when I check in Communauté/Identités … nevid still appear in blue and in Portefeuilles my number of “Certifieur” didn’t increase.

Thank you.

Until now I just see a certification by cgeek in my cutecoin-client. Is that normal at the moment or is it a bug that only occurs on my system right now?

Coincidental the blockcounter is stuck at 20653 since I started cutecoin for the first time yesterday. Do I have to open some ports in my firewall?

Blockchain was stuck again due to a still not fixed obvious bug. It is started again now.

However, have you clicked on « Send membership demand »?

everuthing is fine now on my side, nevid is certified

clicked the “send membership button” again and restarted the client. now everything seems to work.

thank you for the warm welcome everyone.